Walter Gaya in the news

Walter Gaya was one of the Boomershoot Precision Rifle Clinic Instructors in 2004. His best friend Adam, also a Boomershoot instructor, was killed last February in Iraq.  Walter was seriously injured in July.  Now Walter is in the news again.

As Barb said, “That stinks.  That’s just so wrong.”

Please do what you can.

Update: The news is that things seem to be under control now.  Thanks everyone.

2 thoughts on “Walter Gaya in the news

  1. Now doesn’t that just perfectly describe a bureaucracy? The damn fools can’t even figure out which ‘crat to pass him on to next! I’ll be writing some letters to my Washington State Congresscreatures this Halloween, I would hope I’m not the only one.

    Where’s Norm Dicks on this? He’s good at keeping the Military bases in Washington, how about helping a guy who deserves to be a citizen.

  2. Reminded of Cooper’s assertion that anyone who receives the Congressional Medal of Honor should be exempt from any further income taxes, I think anyone who serves in combat, esspecially one who has received a Purple Heart, should never have their citizenship called into question.

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