Jason Update 10/27/2005

From his dad:

Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2005 3:45 PM

Athough it has been a bit of tough weekend, it ends on an up-note. Jason is in his room with Jodi and Dan watching a Bears game (Bears were winning the last time I checked). This afternoon is probably the best he has felt for the last several days and certainly his ability to communicate has greatly improved this afternoon. The swelling in his face has gone down enough so he can now see at of this right eye which is fantastic news.

Tomorrow Jason is schedule for two sets of surgery. The first is a cleaning and treatment of the Buddock, and the second is for this arms. They may close his right arm and it looks like the elbow will be saved. Second, they will place the pins in the left arm.

On Tuesday, they will do the face reconstruction. The surgeon feels like a good job will be done.

There have been numerous calls and the following is, in some cases, third hand.

The hospital would like a friend or family member with Jason 24/7.  Currently there isn’t enough people in the area to do that.  Barb and I will probably be going back to spend a few days (Barb perhaps a week or more).  Our daughter Kim may spend even more time there.  Barb’s sister Susan will probably spend some time there too.

Jason’s eyes are still a concern.  The bones around his eyes are broken and more reconstruction is needed.  He did watch a football game over the weekend with a friend of his.  He has nightmares and gives orders to his men in his sleep.  He “sees” Star Wars characters sometimes too.