Room for rent?

I’m getting a new job in the Seattle area and won’t be moving my wife over from Idaho for about another 1.5 years. Our youngest daughter is still in high school and we don’t want to disrupt that. I would like to rent something cheap where I can shower, sleep, fix a few meals and connect to the internet. I typically would only be there four nights a week and go home on weekends.

I would like for the place to be “gun friendly” in that I could carry concealed or open and clean my guns (if there were no other guests at the time) without causing any alarm. Discussion of the recreational use of explosives shouldn’t be cause for calling the cops.

I’m 50 years old, a non-smoker, only rarely drink alcohol, and have never used illegal recreational drugs. I would bring my own small refrigerator/freezer. If you don’t have a high speed internet connection I would supply a wireless router and all the technical expertise to get that up and running in your home.

I can move in as early as November 2nd or wait until the middle of the month. I’m in the Seattle area now and will be for another day and would like to find something soon.