An offer

After months of looking for work I have an offer in hand.  There was a sudden incredible flurry of interest in me in the last two or three weeks after almost nothing for months.  I can’t remember how many different phone interviews I did with various companies.  I think it was five–with another one scheduled for tomorrow.  Today I had three in person interviews with one group and they made me an offer–almost on the spot.  It’s not quite what I wanted–it’s a contract position which they are saying can lead into what I really want.

Last night I left Moscow about 19:30, arrived at Ry’s place about 01:00, got settled in by about 02:00, woke up at 05:00, Ry came home from work about 05:30, we talked until about 06:30, I sort of slept until 08:00, I then had interviews from 10:00 until 15:00.  Came back to Ry’s place through the traffic and I’m now soooo tired.  I must get some sleep now.


2 thoughts on “An offer

  1. Ain’t it the truth?! I was summarily fired from my job of 10+ years two years ago in December and I hadn’t settled on anything until I accepted a position at a local company about three weeks ago working a menial production job because a) it pays pretty decent for the area, b) it’s close to home, and c) the work I’ve done there has made me shed 20 pounds and about three inches off my waist!

    I’ve applied for literally dozens of jobs with no luck…I got the one I have by working through a temp agency. Now that I’m hired and somewhat settled, a company which I’ve applied to at LEAST three times for different positions wants to interview me tomorrow for a supervisory position…one for which they’ve completely ignored me twice (they’ve had trouble keeping someone on 2nd shift, this would be 1st which I prefer.) I also just received another call from a company that I applied to, went through the hiring process, and was rejected by twice…they’ve re-activated my application and would like me to come in for another interview.

    It’s just nuts…now that I have some stability the offers just seem to be rolling in after almost two years of dead silence. There ain’t no justice!

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