Brady bunch CEO resigns?

According to David Hardy at Arms and the Law quoting Daphne Retter, Congressional Quarterly Staff, CQ Today, October 19, 2005:

“It’s not an easy job to get up every day and duke it out with the gun lobby,” Michael Barnes, president and CEO of the Brady Campaign and Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, said Tuesday, “but it’s very important.”

Barnes resigned this week.

I have been unable to verify the resignation.  There is nothing I could find on the Brady Campaign nor the Brady Center websites about it.  Still, it is quite plausible.  They have been running up an impressive string of losses in recent years.  The “assault weapon” ban expired without a battle.  The passage of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms bill (I commented on this yesterday) just bit a big chunk out of their mission statement.  They have lost numerous court cases.  FL passed the law that affirms innocent people can meet force with force and all the Brady bunch could do was whine about it.  And then the press wasn’t as sympathetic to them as they would normally expect:

Workers for a gun-control group protesting a new law that they say could put Florida tourists in harm’s way got a mixed reaction at Orlando International Airport on Thursday.

At least one visitor admonished workers for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence for what she called a manipulation of the truth.

“It burns me up that they twist stuff around to misinform the public,” said Tamryn Hunter, who was catching a flight back to Pittsburgh when she ran into the workers handing out leaflets warning about the law.

The paper even included this picture of Ms. Hunter showing that she isn’t someone you would consider the stereotypical NRA member.

We must not let these wins cause us to go into celebration mode and neglect what we really have to do.  We must drive these anti-freedom bigots into political extinction.  As Chris(?) Knox said in a Firearms Coalition Alert email I received last night:

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. The game, God willing, is never over.