PNNL accused of more wrongdoing

From the Tri-City Herald: Suit alleges lab, Battelle sabotaged software:

A consultant for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has sued the lab and Battelle Memorial Institute, alleging they sabotaged a software program he was supposed to market, then stole his ideas on how to write a better product to peddle on their own.

[name deleted by request] claims the lab contacted him in 2001 to find potential buyers for PalmFon software.

[deleted name] in his 49-page complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Richland, alleges the software was defective from the start or made nonfunctional later so his company wouldn’t be able to sell it.

His lawsuit also claims employees at Battelle Memorial Institute, which runs the lab, realized after 9/11 that they had a hot item that could make millions of dollars for the nonprofit institute without having to go through a middle-man such as [deleted name] and his company, [deleted] Inc.

[deleted name] alleges that when the lab couldn’t get him to release his rights to the software, they gave him a final product that wouldn’t work. He says PNNL then began developing its own version of a parallel program that would compete with what he was trying to deliver.

I have no inside knowledge of the validity of the claims.  I just know PNNL allowed some employees to commit felonies against me and get away with it–so far.