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Analog Kid at Random Nuclear Strikes has been posting some outstanding quotes from Ayn Rand’s book Man’s Rights.  I don’t have this book.  I should get it.  Read the quotes and see what you think:

Update: As Analog Kid points out in the comments section–it’s not a book.  It’s an essary in one of her books.  Also he has posted another Ayn Rand quote.


2 thoughts on “Ayn Rand quotes

  1. Minor correction: The essay ‘Man’s Rights’ is in an addendum to the book ‘Capitalism – The Unknown Ideal’ along with another excellent essay that I can’t remember the name of but to which I will be posting quotes from in the upcoming weeks.

    BTW, thank you for the links, Joe.

  2. The first time I saw a copy of ‘Capitalism – The Unknown Ideal’ it was a worn out mess of a paperback. The thing that struck me next about it was that nearly every sentance in the book had been underlined or highlighted by previous readers.

    It’s that kind of book. It lays bare the arguments for and against capitalism. Mention it to a socialist and they’ll start right in with the smear (’cause they can’t touch her arguments). It’s like sunlight, holy water and garlic to a vampire.

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