Doug’s story about David Pruss

My brother, Doug, wrote up a very detailed story on the arrest of David Pruss.  Doug contributed a fair amount to the search for and eventual arrest of this vandal who caused over $100,000 in damage.  I should have posted this over a week ago but kept forgetting.

pruss.doc (303.5 KB)

Here is what the Sherrif had to say about the story:

Doug, I took the article home and read it when it was quiet and thought it was excellent. You brought out a side that most law enforcement officers don’t think about or if they do they don’t speak about it. It’s the day to day issues that they face in a situation like this. We are trained to write reports but we leave out the human side of things. Yes we are some what like robots. I gave a copy to our prosecutors and I will get their permission for you to print this as soom as possible.

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