Turn them into glass

An unexpected phone call after 10:00 PM is a bad omen.  This one was no exception.

My nephew in Iraq had a bomb explode under his Humvee.  He is in critical condition.  His right arm has been amputated below the elbow.  He has lacerations on his face.  They are evaluating injuries to his back and abdomen.

I know what I am about to write is an emotional response.  It’s not what I think we should do, it’s what I feel we should do.  I’ll be more rational in a few days.

Nuke Mecca, nuke Medina, nuke every “holy” city on that continent and fill the craters with pig manure.  Osama is in the mountains of Afghanistan?  Make those mountains into glass lined sub sea-level valleys in Afghanistan.  Islam is hereby banished from our planet, our solar system, and our galaxy.  All paper copies of the Qur’an shall be put into pig manure, shredded, then used to fertilize fields in Israel.  All digital copies and their backups shall be deleted, the media reduced to at least it’s molecular components if not transmuted into different elements.  If anyone so much as mentions a word related to Islam they shall be dropped, naked, into the middle of a pig sewage lagoon.  If they can swim out fine.  If not then no great loss.


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