Arrested for exercising free speech in Illinois

This guy is wearing a fanny pack and a jacket with the URL of his website ( on it.  He asks to speak to someone about school policy at Rock Valley College in Rockford Illinois.  He is arrested for:

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: in that Shawn (SIC) Kranish knowingly did an act in such an unreasonable manner as to alarm or disturb Janna L. Shwaiko and provoke a breach of peace to wit Shawn (SIC) Kranish walked into the Presidents (SIC) office and requested from Shwaiko a meeting with the President. Kranish was wearing a blue jacket with the words “I Carry” on the front of the jacket and he was also wearing a black nylon pouch or handgun holster. Shwaiko believed Kranish to be carrying a gun and it alarmed her in violation of 720 ILCS 5/26-1(a) of the Illinois Compiled Statutes.

Officer Edward Crumb, #167

It must be they so terrified of freedom they have to arrest someone that just wants to talking about it.  Details are on the Concealed Carry, Inc. blog.  The thought that comes to my mind is, “Can I get someone arrested because I think they might not be carrying a gun in a dangerous area?”  After all, not being able to defend yourself in a dangerous area is sort of like leaving food out in the open in grizzly bear country.  It attracts dangerous animals that are a threat to everyone.  And if you read the story you find out this poor kid was searched without a warrant.

I’m tempted to send Kranish a Boomershoot T-shirt or hat but wearing it in public would probably warrant an arrest for terrorism in the police state where he lives.