2nd Amendment monument

Jeff at Alphecca reports about an article in the Detroit Free Press:

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A plaque honoring the right to bear arms would be placed near the state Capitol under legislation approved Wednesday by the state House.

The House voted 108-0 to send the Senate a bill that would require the Michigan Capitol Park Commission to place the plaque near the Capitol or in the adjacent mall area. The plaque would be installed once enough private money is collected for a foundation to which it could be attached.

What really tickles me about this is that they are backing the anti-freedom people into a corner.  What are they going to do when confronted with a vote on this?  Vote against it?  Flat out admit to the public they don’t support the constitution they took an oath to support?  Then later support legislation that is anti-freedom even though they voted for a monument supporting that freedom?  Their only viable option appears to be to not vote and/or use some sort of weasel words to say the celebrated freedom doesn’t mean what everyone else thinks it means.