We just enforce it, not obey it

I’ve written about this before.  Jeff at Alphecca posted another example:

Leaving a Nashville courtroom yesterday morning, two Metro police officers were greeted by their peers and supporters with handshakes and hugs. A judge had just ruled they were not guilty of illegally taking guns into a downtown nightclub last year.

Personally, I think that they have such a law is wrong.  Idaho doesn’t have a law against taking guns into places where alcohol is being served and doesn’t have the type of problems the anti-freedom bigots would whine about if they knew about it.  You can’t legally be intoxicated while carrying a concealed weapon and I don’t have a problem with that.  Driving and/or shooting while drunk is a bit on the reckless side of things.  It’s not consistent with a big ‘L’ Libertarian philosophy but I’m not going to get all bent out of shape over that.  I think it is a fair compromise.

An employee of the nightclub noticed that one of the officers was carrying a gun and asked him to leave. Police were called when the officers refused.

“There was no authorization for them to be there, nor did supervisors have any knowledge of them being there,” police spokesman Don Aaron said.

It’s a dangerous path to go down.  If the police (and other government workers) don’t obey the law on minor stuff it becomes more and more likely they won’t obey the law on major stuff.  The mindset becomes one of the laws are for keeping “them” in line.  The government workers are the elite for whom the laws were not really intended.  I’ve spoken to many liberals and who have a similar elitist mindset.  They want restrictions on firearms for the “average” person.  The police are the side of the elite who need to be protected from the common person that might want to hurt them.  They just don’t seem to get it that more people have been murdered by their own government than by the “common criminals.”  Government workers should be held to a higher standard of behavior than the non-government employee, not lower.  And the Second Amendment is our last ditch means of enforcing that ethical behavior on an out of control “the law doesn’t apply to us” elitist government.

1 thought on “We just enforce it, not obey it

  1. The Second Amendment has been so watered down and abused I just can’t see how it checks government anymore. At best
    we peasants can get semi-automatics, in some jurisdictions.
    The government can have whatever it wants: machine guns,
    artillery, tanks, aircraft, nuclear bombs. Just look at
    how effect that is against the Islamics in Afganistan
    and Iraq. It would be the same here in the USSA (United
    Socialst States of America). We the sheeple have *NO*
    chance against that.

    Stick a fork in it. America is done.

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