Gun dictionary updates

Much to my surprise the Gun Dictionary page on the Boomershoot web site is one of the most popular web pages on the site (thanks to Stephanie Sailor for suggesting this page).  Even the USPSA has linked to the page on their information for the press page (from the same page they also link to my Gun Myths and Truth page).  Because of that I frequently get requests for the definition of a firearm related term.  Just today I received a request for the definition of ACP, as in .45 ACP.  I updated the page with this definition and a few others.  In the past week or two I have added the following words:

If you have suggestions for other terms let me know.  Feel free to supply your own definition and save me a little bit of work.

1 thought on “Gun dictionary updates

  1. Very nice, Joe.
    How about;

    “Saturday Night Special”

    “Special” as in .38 Special or .44 Special. What’s so special about them? I heard that defined somewhere, but I forget.
    “Junk Gun”
    “Percussion Cap”
    (I suppose there’s really no end, as the American vernacular is rife with firearm and shooting terms. You don’t need the whole thing–lock, stock and barrel, as long as you at least have a good bead on it. Certainly you haven’t gone off half-cocked and taken a shot in the dark, nor have you been a mere flash in the pan, but rather you are a straight shooter. Other people have their crosshairs on other persuits)

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