Quote of the day–Harry Browne

We need to reduce government to just the functions authorized in the Constitution. Then, if you believe that makes the federal government too big or too little, you can work to amend the Constitution to make it more to your liking. But the first step is to establish limits, so that we no longer have unlimited government that the politicians can use for anything they want.

Harry Browne
March 1998
Libertarian Candidate for President in 1996

1 thought on “Quote of the day–Harry Browne

  1. I heard some leftist nitwit (reduncy alert) today, saying “we” are spending too much on defense and not enough on things like education, health care, etc..

    Uh, this was never supposed to be a socialist country.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to be able to answer this question in detail;
    If education, etc., is so vital that the govermment needs to have a monopoly on it, why is it that we have so many excellent and low priced options in buying shoes?

    Seriously, shoes are important (imagine doing entirely without them). If it follows that government should have a stranglehold monopoly on everything that is important, because, ostensibly, we will not have those things otherwise, then why are we so flush with excellent choices for shoes of every imaginable variety? Hey, all you socialist dupes out there, answer the question.

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