More tests

The weather isn’t great (cold and cloudy) but it’s better than yesterday.  And I’m out of town for the rest of the week and I really need to get this done so I’m headed to the Boomershoot site in a few minutes.

A few tests need to be done.

  1. Was the latest mix stable over time?  It’s been four days in storage.  Did it get hyper sensitive?  Did it go dead?
  2. If it still detonates with a .22 LR at reasonable ranges I’m putting it out at 700 yards and trying to detonate it with a .223.  The weather report says winds from 0 to 1 MPH so I have a chance.  I put a different scope on my most accurate AR-15 so that shouldn’t be an issue.
  3. Boomer Clays.  I bought a box of clays and several different boxes of high velocity shotgun shells.  I’m going to load up the underside of some clay targets with “Joe’s Special Recipe” and see if they can be detonated at a reasonable range.  Reasonable being far enough away that we don’t get our outer layers of clothes and/or body parts shredded by pieces of clay pigeons.

If the results are interesting enough I’ll post pictures and perhaps video later this week.

Oh, I probably will be blasting a rock at the local gun range on Work Day this coming Sunday.  If you are in the area show up to help make it a better range and then watch me make small rocks out of a big rock and explosives.

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