James and I just saw Serenity

Ry saw it prerelease and so did Kevin.  James and I went to the first showing in the area and got back about an hour ago.  It was very good.  James had a few nits to pick but I shot down most of those.  I had one nit to pick and James shot it down.  As expected with anything that Joss Whedon helps write is going to have some great dialog.  This was no exception.  Jayne, as usual, is so incredibly self centered and delivers his lines with such timing and such a straight face that the audience bursts into laughter.  I think my favorite was when someone (trying to avoid spoiling it for someone) says:

Someone: “Do you really think any of us are going to get out of this alive?”
Jayne (looks around, pauses): “I might.”

My favorite lines of the movie were the following (as best I can remember):

Someone 1: “If I had known this was going to happen I would have done things differently.  Back on the ship I would have been with you.”
Someone 2: “Are you saying… sex?”
Someone 1: “That’s what I’m saying.”
Someone 2: “To hell with dying.  I’m going to live.”

In another sequence:

Someone 1: “Landing could be interesting.”
Someone 2: “Define interesting.”
Someone 1: “Oh god, oh god, we’re all gonna die?”

This is a “Space Western”.  It’s a good one.  Lots of guns and blades and a good message.  And as Kevin said in his review:

Go see Serenity. You won’t be disappointed if you like this blog.


5 thoughts on “James and I just saw Serenity

  1. Couple corrections. It’s Joss, not Josh. Second quote is “Oh god, oh god, we’re all gonna die?”

  2. A nice, shiny little movie. Wraps up some important stuff from Firefly. One of the things that hit me as the movie started was how good it felt to see those characters (including the ship) again. I missed them.

    Whedon’s dialog rocks. One of his key insights is that people retain a sense of humor in terrible circumstances. The dry humor and irony highlights the courage and humanity of the characters. I try really hard to apply that lesson to my writing.

    If the movie succeeds, Whedon is in an interesting position. The modest success of http://www.redvsblue.com shows that we’re at the dawn of an age where the Internet will allow creators to bypass the network gatekeepers and deliver movies/shows directly to their consumers. For Firefly, that pump was primed by the network show, but we can imagine a renewed series delivered as QuickTime movies and DVDs.

  3. I liked the whole Dialog between River and the teacher about Meddling…

    Seems like Joss was poking his finger in someone’s eye…


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