Almost surprised

Occasionally I’m surprised at how far the anti-freedom people will take things.  The banning of certain types of clothes took me by surprise.  That Gun Guys (anti-gun website) would suggest there is no such thing as justifiable homicide almost surprises me, but not quite.  In order maintain internal consistency they have to conclude that one life is just as valuable as any other life.  And so we end up with drivel like this:

What exactly is a “justifiable” homicide? Is it OK to kill people sometimes and not others.

And from their newsletter which doesn’t appear to be their website there is this:

For whatever reason, killing another human being, an act made simple and easy by firearms, is an act not lightly taken, and not without consequences.  Though a killing may be considered “legal” by any number of laws, that doesn’t necessarily make it right, and doesn’t mean that we should broaden laws without regard for those consequences.

Anyone that has taken any firearms self-defense class will have been exposed to the downside of using deadly force to defend innocent life.  The taking of a life is serious stuff.  But sometimes it’s the best of the available options.  And when the legal use of deadly force is employed the person on the receiving end of that deadly force made the choices that triggered the use of the deadly force.  It is they that bear the ultimate responsibility for their own injury or death.  For the “Gun Guys” to even hint that there is not a time and a place for the use of deadly force in the defense of innocent life shows how completely disconnected from reality they really are.  The last sentence of their email only seals that forgone conclusion.  I’m not surprised:

Legal or not, like anything else involved with firearms, “justifiable homicides” lead to more violence and pain.

3 thoughts on “Almost surprised

  1. Some people are incapable or unwilling to apply logic (“logiphobes?)
    I was having an extended conversation about lethal force with a leftist several years ago. She said, and I quote, that we should sinply “love them to death”. Meaning the hard core criminals. If we show them enough love, they will realize the seriousness of their actions to the point that they will die of shame and sorrow. Several things about that struck me; First, she was still advocating a death sentance of sorts. Second, what about actual good people? Aren’t thay more deserving of our love or should we focus our love on the most evil among us? Third, without realizing it, she wanted to turn love into a deadly weapon.

    All extremely sick if you ask me, yet very representative of a large contingent of the Left in this country.

  2. Two Points:

    One, Do these “Gun Guys” support armed police or bodyguards? If a cop or bodyguard shoots the bad guy, and you say there is no such thing as justifiable homicide then you are just having someone else do the dirty work. If deadly force is wrong, then it is wrong for everyone, both civilian and government agent.

    Two, people who have this attitude should volunteer for a drive along with their local police and get a better idea of the mentality of the criminals police have to deal with every day. I suspect that this experience would be a real eye opener and may cause a readjustment in their attitude.

  3. I have no idea what their stance on armed police and bodyguards are. Typically these type of people will have a response along the lines of “trained professionals… blah, blah, blah” ignoring (and ignorant of) the fact that the average IPSC shooter probably has twice the formal training and 100 times the practice of the average police officer.

    I doubt that a ride with the police will change their attitudes. I really don’t think reality intersects their world view. I’ve had people tell me, “I don’t believe numbers.” At that point I have no use for them. I have a Robert Heinlein quote that expresses that sentiment fairly well. It will be my quote of the day for tomorrow.

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