Traffic patterns

Kim du Toit (his site still down at the current time) once posted that he was frequently surprised at what posts got the most attention.  Something he thought was very ordinary would get a lot of attention and something he thought was really special would end up being no big deal.  In the case of my postings nearly everything is “no big deal”.  Virtually nothing makes a big splash on my blog.  However last night Keep and Bear Arms posted a link to my simple reposting of an email alert I received from them.  Traffic jumped.  Probably half of my traffic came from their referrals.  Then this morning Outdoors Unlimited linked to the same posting.  About 80% of my traffic is now from that one site.  About 10% is now from KABA.

It’s not my writing, it’s not my insights, it’s not my leaking of privileged information (hah!  As if I would ever do that), it’s that I posted an email that went out to thousands of other people.