Should I be worried?

I haven’t been following the scandal related to the University of Idaho’s University Place project.  So I don’t really know what to make of this Google query that showed up in the list of referral links for my blog:

grand jury witness list University of Idaho Foundation (

It could have been almost anyone looking for more information on the topic.  It could be a reporter.  It could be a lawyer.  It could be a “hit man” (or is that synonymous with “lawyer”?)  As near as I can tell they are located in North Carolina.

Anytime someone is looking for testifying witnesses I start hearing alarms go off in my head.  Any suggestions as to what, if anything, I should do?


3 thoughts on “Should I be worried?

  1. Hmm. I am always amused by the irrelevant things Google picks up on a search, probably because I don’t do an “and” search (I presume you can do one, but I’ve never tried with Google) but rather an “or” search, which I believe is the default.

    When I click on the link above, it looks to me as though your site just had the magic combination of words: “grand jury,” “Idaho,” etc. — nothing more sinister than that.

    Or am I missing something?

  2. Oh, I see. Well, seems like it’s either somebody who fears they may be on a list and be subpoenaed to testify, or somebody who wants to intimidate folks on the list before they testify. You’re right — I can’t think of any other reason to do such a search.

    Maybe the reporter who’s been spending the most time/effort on the scandal story would be interested in the fact that this search was performed…?

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