Photographs at the fair

Earlier this week Xenia and I entered a bunch of photos in the Latah County Fair.  She entered most of these.  I entered this one:

All got blue ribbons except for three of Xenia’s.  The Blue Fairy on the next to the last row got a white ribbon, the one of the cat and the flower got a red ribbon, and one was entered in a different contest which hasn’t been decided yet.  She is very talented.  Barb and I went to the open house at the High School last night and got to meet all her teachers.  She is taking “Yearbook” this year and is one of the photographers.  The teacher held up last year’s “Inner Visions” (once a year school publication for outstanding literary works) with this picture of Xenia’s on the cover.  We are very proud.

I enjoyed hanging around my picture at the fair last night and listening to the comments of the people when they noticed it.  I think I’ll do that some more today…


3 thoughts on “Photographs at the fair

  1. WOW! Now if you could only figure out a way we handgunners could do that too, without killing ourselves, of course…..

    Link going up over at Mr. Completely!!

  2. See the vidoe called “entertainingly close” over at…

    Those are the videos from this year’s Boomershoot…

  3. Handgun can set the mixture off–sometimes. It’s just not very reliable. Fast bullets with a hollow point or flat nose have the best odds. I’ll be working on improving the mix and/or packaging some soon. But don’t ever expect subsonic bullets to be reliable.

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