Blunt instrument number five

I just pushed the “Send” button on another FOIA request to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  This one will probably cause some people to mess their pants and perhaps lose their jobs.  And that’s even if I don’t lift a finger from now on.  The unfortunate part is that the people most directly in the path of this particular “instrument” are the one’s least responsible.  It could cost PNNL a lot of money to deal with the implications of this.  And that doesn’t count the embarrassment, loss of confidence, and potential loss of business they will suffer with their customers.  Their best course of action at this point is to give up protecting the people that committed the felonies in the process of terminating my employment at PNNL.  Things will be much more pleasant for everyone, except the felons, if they “see the light”.

I checked on the status of two of the other “blunt instruments” (there are five total now) that are working their way toward them.  I don’t have anything to report yet although I expected I something before now.  This latest one I will be able to report on in no more than two weeks.