This is the way it will always happen


In the mid and late 90’s the anti-freedom activists were winning.  They were nearly dancing in the street.  Never mind they were dancing in the blood from each new school or mass public shooting.  Just when we would think they had been stopped another “event” would happen and they would get the extra little boost they needed to get that last vote to infringe on our freedom just a little bit (and sometimes a LOT) more.  At the range or in hushed voices late at night in someone’s den people would talk, “When you hear they took Frank’s guns you’ll know Frank is dead.”  “When they start going door-to-door that’s when they will realize they bit off more than they could chew.”  “They can have my guns–when they are empty.”

Even a brief look at history tells you that isn’t how it happens.  Look at Germany, Australia, England, and even Canada.  There is always an “event” that gives the anti-freedom people “justification” for infringing on inalienable rights.  They don’t just wake up some ordinary, bright sunny day and say, “This is the day we start shipping the Jews off to the camps.”  Or “This is the day we pass the law that makes firearms possession by private citizens illegal.”  By taking advantage of essentially random tragedies they can ratchet down on our freedoms at times when all but the most devoted freedom lovers have some doubt, some question about the wisdom of private people having freedom.  The majority, if for only a week or two, can be persuaded that maybe it really would be better to let government take care of them.  That it might be better for the the individual to give up an essential liberty for an imagined temporary safety.  Of course Ben Franklin has the proper response to that argument. But this pact with the devil is just too tempting for the majority when they are writhing in pain from the latest event.  And the pain from the event we know as Katrina and the aftermath in New Orleans make it seem acceptable to the majority–“Yes, they are taking everyone’s guns, but they had to for everyone’s safety.”

When it comes right down to it you will be far more alone than you think you will be when you are talking about it at the range with your shooting buddies.  Your fair weather friends will have “really important things” they have to do when the troops come down your street knocking on the doors and entering the houses one-by-one with the M-16’s at the ready (read about it and watch the video).  People, as much as they might say, “I don’t care what other people think” do care what other people think–at least some.  And when other people publicly approve of the confiscation and the majority have doubts about resisting it will be difficult to rally the numbers needed to make any conflict go decisively in your favor.  And how much have you practiced as a team?  Probably zero.  Nearly all shooting events are individual events or at best you have shooter/spotter relationship where there is just one gun between the two of you.  You’ll be going up against teams of shooters that have been practicing for at least months if not years as a team.  If you do that you better know exactly what your capabilities are and what you expect to accomplish.  Punching holes in a piece of stationary paper 30 feet away is a useful exercise but it doesn’t compare to shooting at a trained team of shooters.  Think things through. What is going to happen in the seconds after you fire your first shot?  If you make it that far.  You might get hit from 200 yards away by the sniper in the shadows from the second story window down the street as you bring your shotgun to your shoulder.  Have you even walked down your street thinking about the positions and angles for shooters to cover their teammates as they go door-to-door?  It’s going to be second nature for them to see what to you will take hours to figure out–if you are lucky.

If you think you are going to stand up to “them” going door-to-door then you need to know if you will have anyone helping.  If you haven’t practiced with them already then the answer is, almost for certain, “No.”  If you are going it alone then be darned sure you know the price you pay is worth what you are getting in return.  How many can you take out before your gun is forever silenced?

This is Why Boomershoot.