Pistol Postal Match results

Mr. Completely has the results posted.  I discussed my entries here.  In the over 4″ barrel class I came in 4th and 6th with the .22LR and .40S&W.  Overall I was 5th and 7th.  If there had been a center fire category I would have been number 1 in both overall and in the over 4″ barrel class.  I had a score of 407/500 even after loosing a possible 10 points because I fired only four instead of five rounds on one target (or I suppose it is possible I had a “perfect double”–but not likely).  The next closest score with a center-fire handgun was a 383/500.


2 thoughts on “Pistol Postal Match results

  1. Congrats on some VERY fine shooting!

    I think the caliber (bad pun?) of shooting across the board was excellent. When you put it in the perspective of the size of a bad guy’s head at fifteen feet, rather than a half inch circle at ten yards, there’d be a whole lot fewer bad guys……

    I’ll go put you on the Mr. Completely blogroll before I forget.

  2. Thanks. No. That wasn’t a bad pun. And thank you again for all the effort put into the organization of the matches.

    Entering scientist/engineer mode… sorry:

    To really judge the reduction in the number of bad guys you need to take into account the time to achieve that level of accuracy. The bad guy is not likely to keep his head still when there is a gun pointed at it and if you are legally justified in shooting it is because an innocent life is in immediate danger of permanent injury or death. That will raise the adrenaline level considerably and reduce the accuracy achieved. But on the other hand, it’s unlikely you will have a situation where you are legally justified in shooting a bad guy at that range. Typical ranges are going to more on the order of ten feet or less rather than ten yards.

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