Performance reviews from PNNL

I finally got the performance reviews all scanned in and the “business sensitive” information blacked out.  You can see an overview on this page with links to the actual images.  When the images come up in your browser you may need to resize the image to be full size so the text is readable.  Here are some quotes from my most recent review, completed in January of 2005:

  • “Joe is a very good engineer and innovator.  He has the ability to see through apparent complexity and find elegant solutions to difficult problems.”
  • “Joe is also a good leader.  He as technical credibility as well as a diplomatic disposition that allows him to direct teams to do very good work while avoiding conflicts.”
  • “Joe has a great future at the lab due in part to his expertise and interpersonal relationship style.”
  • “Joe did an excellence job on the [deleted project name] project.  The client was very happy with the end result.”
  • “Joe brings a (sic) unique perspective and set of experiences which allow him to make contributions to the success of a project.  Joe shows an excellent ability to plan tasks, manage scope, and lead a project team to the end goal of a project.”

  • “Over the last year Joe has assisted with various IED problems and has brought a number of solutions forward for discussion and evaluation, as his explosives background and personal research gives him a good feel for the issues involved.”

I received “Meets Expectations” on all but one item.  That item was was “Acts with Integrity and Trust” where I received a rating of “Exceeds Expectations”.