Pistol Postal Match entry

Xenia’s John (I love calling her boyfriend, John, that.  The triple meaning and all.) and I went to the range this afternoon and I shot Mr. Completely’s Postal Match #2 with two different calibers.  .22LR and .40 S&W.  Both were in the Long Barrel class.  Click on each of the pictures for a full resolution view.

                           203/250                                                                  212/250

Total score for the .22LR 415/500.

                                 205/250                                                            202/250

Total score for the .40S&W 407/500.  It should have been at least another five points higher but I only put four holes in the center target of the offhand target instead of five.  I didn’t notice it until I got home and it was way past dark.

Not great, but I’m not unhappy with my results either.


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