I’m at a loss

I was reading some of the comments on the Wal-Mart shooting story.  I can’t imagine the mindset this person must have:

By Roy Salazar (Submitted: 08/31/2005 9:03 pm )

The truth of the fact is, Mr. Moore killed a person from the side lines and that is not “self-defense”…, I call the murder. Mr. Moore should be prosecuted for the point blank murder of Mr. vigil and the ex-wife of Mr Vigil should be prosecuted for party to crime. An eye for eye is not justice in this country ( thats dark-age justice ). We have laws and we ( we, means all of us, the people ) should follow them. Otherwise, we are using double standards in the law and orders of the country. Furthermore, Wal-Mart should fire MS. Ex-wife for taking garbage to her work station and indangering the lifes of others.

Blaming the victim and the rescuer… It boggles my mind.  This cannot be a rational person.  It must be this is type of person that would send money to the VPC.