As if this is supposed to make sense

From The Globe and Mail in Toronto:

Ontario to blitz gun shops

In an effort to stem a recent rash of gun violence in Toronto, the Ontario government announced it will begin conducting sweeps of gun shops to help reduce the number of illegal guns in the city.

“[We want] to ensure that we have safe standards in place,” said the province’s Attorney-General Michael Bryant at a press conference in Toronto Thursday.

However, Mr. Bryant said the sweep will be limited to businesses and not individual homes, as that is the purview of the federal government and the gun registry.

They are doing sweeps of the gun shops to reduce the number of illegal guns?  How about they “blitz” automobile dealerships to reduce the number of illegal cars on the roads?  Or tweaking one of my favorites, conduct raids on cosmetic stores to “stem the recent rash of prostitution” on the streets?

Give it up guys, you spent $2 Billion dollars on a failed gun registration system, and still you can’t answer just this one question in the affirmative.  Harassing the gun store owners isn’t going to be productive either.


1 thought on “As if this is supposed to make sense

  1. I question how many “illegal guns” could be found in the licensed dealerships, as opposed to, say, a gang hideout. One would think that a rational person who wanted to stem the tide of crime would crack down on the criminals while encouraging the responsible defense of family and self. That they chose to do otherwise suggests that their motives are not what they claim. I’ll define what they’re doing as “harassment” and that their motives stem from pure hatred, coupled with stupidity.

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