Quote of the day–United Nations

On 24 September 1999, the Security Council convened its first meeting at ministerial level devoted to the issue of small arms. A report (S/2000/1092) was prepared with the assistance of internationally recognized experts following the ministerial meetings request that the Secretary-General “develop a reference manual for use in the field on ecologically safe (amended in report S/2000/1092 to read ‘environmentally sound’) methods of weapons destruction in order better to enable Member States to ensure the disposal of weapons voluntarily surrendered by civilians or retrieved from former combatants”. The report has been used as a guide in the preparation of this aide mémoire.


Small arms, light weapons, ammunition and explosives


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  1. On the upside, if the UN is as successful in its crusade against guns as it was against starvation in Somalia, we’ll soon be able to buy thermonuclear weapons.

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