Do I get bonus points for shooting in the dark?

Analog Kid at Random Nuclear Strikes is putting on the rifle postal match I am participating in.  Here is my entry, 100 yards, .300 Winchester Magnum, Blackhills Match ammo.  Except for the sighter target you can see a higher resolution version by clicking on the image.

Temperature was 74 F, indicated altitude of 2300 feet above sea level and my calculator said to use a sight angle of 3.75 MOA.  I took two sighter shots and figured it was good enough:

Two sighter shots.

After the first shot on the real target (below, ball #1) I started aiming at the bottom of the circle which contained the number. 

Completed target.

The shots on balls 10 through 15 were done by the light of my van headlights.  It was about 20:15 when I fired my last shot and getting very dark: