Quote of the day–Jeff Cooper

The Republic is in very bad shape – probably the worst since 1776 – but it does us all well to remember that the principles of the Founding Fathers stand as sound and irrefutable today as yesterday. We must bear in mind that “they” cannot disarm us. They do not have the legal power, of course, but neither do they have the physical power. An army may be defeated by another army, but the people of a nation cannot be, as long as they are aware of their principles and maintain their determination to observe them. We hope, of course, that “they” never presume to try, because “they” simply cannot do it. What the American people need is the viscera to tell “them” No! God grant that we still have the courage!

Jeff Cooper
Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries
Vol. 2, No. 2
31 January 1994
[Those were very dark days in the mid-90’s.  Most people forget how serious things were and how much they have improved. — Joe]