PNNL responds to my FOIA request

I scanned in the letter (page 1 and page 2) I received today.  Basically they said, “You have all the documents you are going to get.”  But they did give me a link to a website with at least some of the Policies and Procedures Manual.  This was a big help.  It explains a couple of things.  It includes list of things that can result in First Offense Termination.  It includes “dishonesty” and “unauthorized disclosure, access, or use of information that is proprietary or confidential to PNNL or its clients”.  Both of those items were in my termination letter and were totally unexpected and unjustified.  I was completely taken aback they said such things about me–particularly since they never confronted me and asked for any explanation about any such allegations.  It was only be including those things that they could justify a first offense termination.

It was also by going through this Policies and Procedures website that I was able to find out how they justified not sending my performance reviews.  I asked for my “Personnel File.”  They did send me my “Personnel File.”  What I was interested in was in my “Field File.”  I see…

I’ll post more as I learn more.  See also the new section at the bottom of the main page of the PNNL info site.