Chat with Don Kates

I had a chat with Don Kates yesterday.  Although he lives in Washington State he isn’t licensed to practice there.  He suggested another “very gun friendly” lawyer to talk to for help on my case.


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  1. Technically, that should be Joe Huffman versus PNNL, since they have already done what they intended to do. It’s up to you to weigh the situation and act accordingly.

    Although I sympathize with you, I think you will be wasting valuable resources in suing them, particularly since they must have been aware of your activist stance at the time they fired you.

    They are a quasi-government entity, and probably have their bases covered. If nothing else, they will just plain dollar you to death.

    Good luck.

  2. Washington state allows for the recovery of lawyers fees by the individual in the case of wrongful termination. I have a lawyer willing to take the case on a contingency basis. The damages amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars so the stakes are pretty high.

    Yes, they were aware of my activist activities when they fired me. I believe it was BECAUSE of those activities they fired me. If that is true then they committed a felony (See The people that hired me (although the ones firing me were different people) were also aware of my activities. In addition the people that did the background check for my security clearance were also aware of my activities shortly after I was hired. There was never a problem with any of it until “Safeguards and Security” and the HR department got involved.

    I’m assembling my legal team and resources. More details as they become appropriate for public disclosure.

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