Searching for PNNL info

I’ve been watching the log for my PNNL info site and noticed there were a fair number of referrals coming in from search engines.  I did my own searches and came up with interesting results:

The other search engines appear to be a little behind but they don’t matter nearly as much.

Thanks to everyone for linking to the site as per my suggestions on this page.  That helped make the above happen.

I’m in the process of making some more changes that should boost the visibility even more.  And since I’ve been seeing the Google bot traverse the website recently that can only be good news.


3 thoughts on “Searching for PNNL info

  1. Joe,

    I’m at the Eris conference in Aspen. Spoke just a tiny bit about Boomershoot during my presentation. They loved the KING 5 movie.

    It’s highly likely you’ll be getting a lot of hits to your Boomershoot site from Eris Society members.

    These attendees (businessmen/women, libertarian leaders, capitalists, nation’s top investors, etc., etc.) will be sensitive to your plight of gun bigotry from PNNL.

    Idea: Can you make the PNNL link easily accessible at the top of your Boomershoot page — say, right beneath “Boomershoot!” yet above the photo? I think the link gets lost in the scroll-down shuffle. . . just an idea. I didn’t speak about PNNL’s bigotry, but I know Eris Society attendees will be interested in learning more about your story, once they get to Boomershoot.

    It’s always nice to have powerful, wealthy leaders on your side.

    : )

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