PNNL Info update

While I am still many hundreds of miles away from home (are the black helicopters gone yet?) I do have a reliable Internet connection now.  I’ll be staying here until tomorrow morning and hope to be home by the weekend.  Since we are driving that means I many not get connected again until I get home.

I have spent the last several hours reviewing the referrals to my site, doing an interview with a gun rights organization, and making terse comments on numerous gun forums and blog sites.  There are just so many that I can’t begin to keep up.  I am running a report generator on the log file but I expect it will take a several hours.  I’ll post an update here with a link to the report when it’s done.

I have enough donations now that I was able to pay off the previous visits to the lawyers.  More news on that front when it is appropriate to do so.

Thanks so much to everyone for all they work they put in.  I just don’t have enough time to thank everyone individually.  But some deserve special recognition–in particular “S” has been a huge help.  Ry of course has contributed time and ideas and offered to contribute a lot more work.  My daughter Xenia took care of the Quote of the Day for the last several days while I was going in and out of Internet connectivity.

All the bloggers that have linked and commented have contributed a great deal as well.  Michelle Malkin’s post in particular was a huge boost.

Here are some interesting things Ry has to say about what is going on:

Update: Here is the log report on referrals.  Lots of people talking about the PNNL Bigotry website.