The closet

I’ve posted about this in the past:

Some may ask, “So what do you think now?  Don’t you see that we can’t come out of the closet?  Look what happened to you!”

Yes, it’s risky.  Yes, if you stick your head up high enough it’s likely to get “wacked.”  But what’s the alternative?  If you won’t fight now when the worst they can do is get you fired (I have evidence a political opponent gave PNNL a tip about me–and I think I know who it was) then who among you will take a stand when they are going door-to-door taking your guns?  Or when they are rounding up the Jews/Christians/homosexuals/whoever?  Taking a stand now is far, far less risky and far more likely to succeed than if you wait until the thugs are knocking down your door.

Get out of the closet and do something today.  If nothing else support me as I fight the bigots who demand we stay in the closet.


2 thoughts on “The closet

  1. As for the political opponent who tipped you off to PNNL. . . hey, why don’t you tip off that opponent’s employer to his activist work? Or tip off his employer regarding his freelance work that the average person might find distasteful? Just a thought.

  2. I don’t know for certain who it was. My Privacy Act Information Request should reveal the true answer. At that point I probably will.

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