I can’t believe the timing

Barb and I got back into civilization tonight and found, after some difficulty, an Internet connection.  Much to my surprise I found this email waiting for me (magazine and writer name deleted for now):

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2005 6:21 AM
To: JoeH@boomershoot.org
Subject: an interview with XXXX magazine

My name is XXXX XXXX and I am a freelance writer for XXXX magazine.
We are working on a story about people who got fired for blogging. If
you were fired for blogging (it was unclear from the one post I saw on
another website) would you be interested in doing an interview? If so,
email me back with your name, age, where you live, what you wrote that
got you fired and where you got fired from.


This is a national magazine everyone with two or more functional brain cells has heard of.  I wrote them back saying I would be glad to be interviewed and will send them the news release when it goes out tomorrow afternoon.  I also put my previous employer on the Bcc: line.


2 thoughts on “I can’t believe the timing

  1. My thoughts go to you, and I hope for a substantial (read: Industrial strength cash) settlement at the end of this all.

  2. The most likely response from my request for factual corrections is no response whatsoever. If they repond it would imply they are agreeing with the other stuff. They are better off taking their chances (always a roll of the dice) in court and paying only if they are forced to.

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