Termination report

A few minute ago the last of the FOIA requests went out and I sent the following email to my former employer:

Subject: Corrections?

I have created a new website, XXXX, that might be of interest to you.  Before the news releases are sent out on Monday afternoon I am giving you an opportunity to make any factual corrections.

Please send all corrections, complete with documentation, to XXXX before 12:00 PM PDT Monday July 25th.  Only email to that address will be accepted.  All responses will be posted on the web site.

And since the picture below seemed to play a significant role in the investigation that lead to my termination I am including a copy:
Joe Huffman

A few people have seen a preview of the site.  Here are some of their comments:

I’m shaking with rage. Bastards.

-Kim du Toit-

Jesus H. Christ.


I thought PNNL’s mission was to support the Constitution–not destroy the lives of those who exercise the rights it guarantees.

-Lyle Keeney-


You can get canned for practicing free speech in support of one’s right to self-defense. What’s next? Get canned for blogging about the war? Gay marriage? Religious freedom?

-Stephanie Sailor-

New Jersey gun rights activist


This is the point in the story where the audience comes to understand, if not condone, the antagonist turning into a mad scientist.

-Sean Flynn-

And then head off on vacation. Good move. Pay cash. Watch out for Black Helicopters.

-Sean Flynn-


Does your life insurance cover getting knocked off by your former bosses?

-Lyle Keeney-


Be careful. Don’t get shot in some dark alley.

-James Huffman-Scott-


They honestly had no clue that you are so fastidious in your operation. This kind of evidence is very clear and easy for even a layman to understand.

-Permission Pending-


3 thoughts on “Termination report

  1. Joe,

    You still look pretty wacked-out crazy sitting there in front of a computer. If you worked with me I’d be worried that you’d offer to watch my house while I was out of town or that your nieces and nephews thought you were a cool uncle.

    Enjoy the vacation.

    Best regards,


  2. Enjoy the vacation indeed.

    And get clear of this: I intend to be at Boomershoot 06, and I look forward to shaking your hand.

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