New camping gear

Barb and I are going on vacation for a while starting Friday afternoon.  Friday is her last day of work and she has two weeks before she starts her new job. 

Barb, Xenia, and I went shopping for new camping gear yesterday. 

Our old tent had a bad zipper and we had to use duct tape to hold the door shut the last time we went camping.  So we bought a new five-man tent and a Queen size inflatable (comes with a built-in 12V pump that inflates it in 110 seconds) air-bed.  We also bought a three-man tent for Xenia to stay in.

As before the Huffman-Scott “compound” will be guarded while we are gone by the dogs, an adult child of ours trained on both rifle and pistol and access to my “arsenal”.


2 thoughts on “New camping gear

  1. Joe,

    The zipper may just need to be squeezed a little with
    a pair of pliers. That’s fixed 2 of my tent zips.

    Course a new tent is always nice.


  2. Nope. It was actually broken off and gone. Even if we could have replaced the zipper the newer tent is much nicer and sturdier anyway.

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