ATF Type 20 License

My license to manufacture high explosives just arrived in the mail.  They renewed it in something like 20 days.  Very cool.

I know that there have been a lot of people that have had problems with the ATF but every single encounter I have had with them has been good.  I don’t like their rulings with regards to firearms.  I don’t like that they have been given power over intra state commerce.  But given they have been tasked with making explosives manufacture, storage, and use safer I can’t really complain in regards my manufacturing of reactive targets.

Bummer.  I just noticed they have the expiration date as July 1, 2005.

Update: I sent an email to Crystal last night.  I got a response this morning saying she thinks she has things straighten out for me.

Something I have long said about people and organizations: I am far happier with those that make an occasional error and correct it quickly than those that seldom make an error and don’t admit it or correct it.

Update2: A few minutes ago I received a Letter of Authorization from the ATF Federal Explosives Licensing Center, via a FAX from Crystal, to continue manufacturing high explosives until the corrected license is received. 🙂