This will really help their cause

With a hat tip to Neaderpundit–The Archangel posts some ‘interesting’ news.  First he says the FBI wants to talk to him.  Next he says a Fatwah has been issued against him.  Like that is going to help convince the public Islam is a religion of peace.  [sarcasm] I’ll bet this will convince another 10 or 20 percent of the population that the U.S. is wrong to be fighting terrorists. [/sarcasm]

I think his response, while appropriate, doesn’t go as far as I would take it.  He only says:

 If you attempt to do anything to me, to my friends, to anyone I care about; I WILL KILL YOU. I will not simply defend myself, I WILL kill you, and while you are dying I will piss on you.

I have jsut rolled all my bullets in pig fat. I’m going to start carying around pieces of swine flesh with me; and I’ll shove them into your wounds, then force feed them to you. Then I’ll cut your cock and balls off and shove them down your throat.

I am heavily armed at all times, I have booby trapped my car and my home, and I am waiting for you. If you come after me or mine, you will die, and I will make damned sure you won’t see paradise for all eternity you evil motherfuckers.

Having given this some thought after the Russian school incident last year I would be a bit more creative.  I have reproduced my inclinations for dealing with such ‘people’ from that post below:

This is my latest thought which should, of course, be video taped for our websites and the news.

  1. Strip them naked.
  2. Stake them to ground in a pen full of hungry pigs.
  3. Let them be eaten alive (or dead if they had previously absorbed excess lead).
  4. There should be close ups of their genitals being ripped off and chewed by the pigs.
  5. Close ups as the manure with bits of hair and bone come out the other end.
  6. Package up the manure and put it in “bombs“.  We were using laser guided concrete “blocks” during parts of the war so this should be easy enough.
  7. Drop the bombs on their mosques.

If Archangel needs any help with guns, explosives, or pigs I’m available to help with expertise in all those areas and the time to contribute–Thank you PNNL.


3 thoughts on “This will really help their cause

  1. I like your ideas – it was thinking like this that kept Islamic Extremists at bay in the Phillipine Islands for a hundred years or so.

    People like this won’t understand soft reason and softly voiced logic. It’s like playing Mozart to your 1973 Beetle – it makes you feel good, but it won’t make the car any easier to start on cold mornings.

    You have to treat these animals the way that would most greviously appeal to their twisted sense of fear, not the way that appeals to ours. To a Westerner, the worst punishment you could levy upon him would be to take away his precious freedom of mobility and association. Since Islamofascists almost universally live in Theocratic Totalitarian Dictatorships, they don’t know or understand freedom anyhow, so they are most afraid of things that offend their religious sensibilites. To attack them on that front is to have the greatest effect on their morale.

  2. As someone who took part in the festivities of the Team Infidel shoot in question, I am glad to hear that there are indeed more internet bloggers with the fortitude to tell it how they see it, rather than how they want to be viewed.

  3. Dustin, just because I think you should be defended from harm in the most vigorous manner possible don’t think that I agree with what you did. You didn’t help OUR cause any with that little stunt either.

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