Another Boomershoot instructor is injured in Iraq

Kim du Toit reports on Walter who was one of the Boomershoot instructors in 2004:

Folks, I just heard that SSGT Walter Gaya (the “Walter” in the Walter-Adam Fund) was slightly injured by shrapnel caused by an IED in Mosul.

Thankfully, his wounds aren’t too bad (“He has a wound to one eye [he said he could still see out of it just after it happened] and a wound to his leg that has something to do with his tendon,” from Adam’s Mom), and he’s recovering nicely, and in good spirits, at the Army hospital in Landstuhl. He’ll be returning Stateside for full recuperation and rehab.

Go read the rest as well. Kim is asking for a donation for Walter’s wife.  I don’t even have a job right now and I donated $10–you can do the same.


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