Rifle postal match results

I suck.

As I stated the other day I’m participating in the postal match put on by Analog Kid over at Random Nuclear Strikes.  I didn’t even both to score the target.  But here are the results of the first contest:

I was using a AR-15 carbine.  The larger holes around the orange dots were from something else a few years ago.  Just the smaller holes in the 8.5″ x 11″ paper are important.  I got a few points but hardly enough to matter.  Another couple additional data points–I started with an empty gun, loaded magazine on the table in front of me and from the time I moved to pick up the gun until the last shot was 55 seconds.

Pathetic. 10 shots from 50 yards, “rapid fire”, open sights, center-fire rifle, offhand.  I have hit 18″ targets 7 times out of 10 at 200 yards offhand before (“infinite time between shots). This is terrible performance. I need to practice more.


4 thoughts on “Rifle postal match results

  1. Heya Joe, I’ll score that 40pts. Don’t feel bad, I’ve received two other results so far and you are right in the thick of the game (not that we’re timing things, but your time is the same as mine was with loading and firing my SKS).

    As for needing practice, the other two gentlemen who have submitted have said the EXACT same thing. My plan is working, just like your’s was when I was building my rifle for Boomershhot. Mwahahahaha!

  2. I’d be less concerned about marksmanship and more worried about the strange, featureless blue area at the top of the picture. Where the rain clouds should be. I mean, what happens if you fall into the sky? There’s nothing to stop you. Would you just keep falling and falling? Then what good would your assault rifle that’s only purpose is to kill as many people as possible by spraying explosive bullets into schoolyards and post offices do you? Hmmmmm, Mr. Smartypants?

    FWIW, I got a similar lesson when the Black Rifle League tried a couple of shoots at our range. (Not that I’ve really headed it. Need to lay in supply of .223 I’m willing to burn through.) It does suggest a fun solution though. Work a carbine stage into your monthly practical pistol match. If you don’t want to RO transitioning between guns, reshoot the stage(s) carbine-only at the max range your shooting bays allow. Tighten the accuracy screws down by limiting targets to the upper A-B zone. Separate the scoring from the main match.

  3. Sean… you’ve been living in the Seattle area too long. I think you might have some water on the brain.

  4. Damn, I need to get out more often. Went to the range and shot my entry on the way home. The other black rifle guy did better than me, with my own gun! Pics and report at at LibertyNews.org


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