James and Xenia call home

James and Xenia left town last week just as Kim was moving back in (merely a coincidence).  James went ‘camping’ with friends at some cabin in Oregon.  Xenia went to summer camp and is then off to Montana with her boyfriend and parents for a couple weeks.

James called and left a message on my cell phone while we were in the mountains far from any cell phone service.  The message was, “Who’s taking care of the dogs?”  Nothing about if we survived our Jeep adventure.  Nothing about how he misses us.  Nothing about how he hates the outdoors unless it is with someone other than his parents.  Nope.  He wanted to know about the dogs.

Xenia is not allowed to use her cell phone at camp.  However she snuck off to her cabin for a few minutes on Tuesday and called–to ask about her cat.