Barb gets a new job for 3X her old pay

I can announce it now.  She should have turned in her resignation at her old job 30 minutes ago.

Barb has comes through for our family again.  Numerous times in the past I have quit my steady paying job to work for a startup, some of them my own, other times someone else’s and Barb had to pick up the slack in our finances.  Our move to Moscow in fact was because Barb got a job here for 2X her pay in Sandpoint.  And it is that same employer who is now is going to pay her 3X what she was earning in Colfax.  She is a hot commodity right now and we have suspected she was underpaid for a quite a while but we didn’t know the extent.  It’s not quite as blatant as you might think because she was working part time at both the Sandpoint and Colfax jobs.  But even ignoring the benefits she now gets the raw dollars per hour increase was 15%, plus the sign-on bonus, plus the $1600/year educational stipend.  It’s great to be married to someone that can more than pull her own weight when needed.