Breast cancer info

Last night I read this news:

…the link between breast cancer and bras is slightly more convincing than the link between smoking and lung cancer.  They speculate that the cause is restriction of lymph circulation and resulting long-term exposure of cells to toxins, but whether this is the true mechanism or not is pretty irrelevant to the facts above.

I’ve been telling Barb to forget the bra for over 30 years now.  No luck.  Pointing this news out to her last night was no more convincing.  [heavy sigh]

I found this news on the web site of our ISP in a short article by Monica.  Monica has long been someone I found exceptional attractive.  Sure, she is probably as old as I am but she has the body shape that never fails to get my attention.  She appears to be is almost painfully shy but I enjoy talking to her.  I wonder if she has taken the advice on the bra more to heart that Barb…

I needed to talk to her about something today anyway.  I’ll check things out while I’m there.