Most everything is here

I unpacked all the boxes I received from PNNL the other day.  Almost everything appears to be there. They even returned an almost empty shampoo bottle and an empty baby food jar that once upon a time had some change in it.  The first box I opened had the following items in it which I figured would be a high priority item to retain “for evidence” or something.  A 100 yard target and a 500 yard target:

Click here for a high resolution version.

500 yard target.  Click here for a high resolution version.

100 yard target.  Click here for a high resolution version.

The second box I opened had the items I most wanted right away–my Boomershoot hat and HP-48 calculator.  And shortly thereafter I found my collection of books on improvised explosives such as Ragnar’s Guide to Home and Recreational Use of High Explosives which I also thought might be something they would want to hold on to. 

It’s possible there is something I have forgotten about but right now the only thing I didn’t find was some paperwork for applying to Oregon for a Concealed Carry License.  That was in the filing cabinet they claimed they didn’t have a key for.  If I don’t get it it’s not a big deal.  I think I have copies here anyway.

Now I have several garbage sacks filled with Styrofoam peanuts to give to UltiMAK.