Ry returns

Friday night Barb and I left Moscow to bring Ry back to Moscow from the Seattle area.  His van died and he wanted his Jeep to replace it.  We arrived about 00:30 Saturday.  Ry and I talked to 03:45 or so.  Ry told me his story of getting fired once for taking a bunch of people to the range to go shooting.  For a week afterward everyone talked about the trip to the range and how great it was–except for one gun-hating bigot who made a complaint to HR about Ry creating a “hostile work environment.”  Since Ry was on contract and not an actual employee they told him the his contract wouldn’t be renewed because of the complaint.  Anyone else have similar stories to tell?  I’m thinking of collecting them and putting together a magazine article…

Barb and I got up about 9:00 and found a park to take a walk in.  We picked up Ry, went to Dixie’s Barbeque for lunch.  Barb “Met the Man” and was not pleased.  That was the first hot sauce she has ever tasted that she didn’t like.  We headed back to Moscow about 14:00 or so.  Ry took this picture and made the post from the back seat as we were driving up the mountain toward Snoqualmie pass.

We arrived back in Moscow about 20:00 or so.  I dropped off Barb at home and Ry and I took daughter Kim’s ATM car (a car you pay no more than your withdrawal limit from your ATM machine) back to where she bought it on Friday.  Ry drove behind me and said it was like behind behind a skywriting plane at an air-show or maybe a fumigation machine.  The car ran fairly well when we bought it on Thursday but it basically was disintegrating before our eyes on Friday.

I took Ry to his place and with a surprising small amount of work got his Jeep to start after a year of sitting in one spot.  There was still lots of work to be done on it and he needed to replace a hard drive on the computer we use for all our websites and email.  He came back to my place and it took us (him mostly) four hours to get the data moved over and everything up and running again.

I took Ry home, came home, and crawled into bed beside Barb at 02:08.

At 9:02:56 Kim called waiting to get another car.  By 11:15 she was driving her “new” car.  It cost 4.5 X what the first one did but maybe it will last more than a day this time.

I stopped by Ry’s place on the way back and woke him up at 11:25.  At about 14:00 Ry stopped by our house on his way out of town to drop off the jumper cables he had borrowed.  He said his van drives like a race car compared to the Jeep (the steering “floats”).  It used to almost be able to make it to Pullman from his place (less than 15 miles) without overheating too seriously.  I helped him fill up two five gallon cans of water to replenish his Jeep on the drive back to the Seattle area.  His trip to Seattle is likely to be ‘interesting’.  He is about 2 hours into his adventure now.

Good luck Ry!

Update: He picked up some onions in Royal City for Dixie’s, through Ellensburg, and at last report reached Issaquah.  He really should be home by now.