What did I expect?

I received a FedEx package from PNNL today.  It purported to contain my personnel file.  But neither Barb nor I could find any of my performance reviews in it.  The one thing I really wanted.  I’ll look again tomorrow when I have some more time.  Barb said, “So what did you expect?  Did you really think they would give you what you wanted?“ 

As far as the policy and procedures manual they said one doesn’t really exist.  It’s on line and “access is limited“.  How convenient.  They say, “You didn’t follow the rules.  You’re fired.“  I ask, “What were the rules?“  They answer, “We aren’t telling.“

I had a very, very busy day today.  Daughter Kim was having a convergence of crisis’s and I spent nearly the entire day helping with her problems.  Things are mostly under control now.  She really needs to find better friends.