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I got tagged by reasonablenut who in tagging me said , “Joe of Boomershoot fame, just because I’m dying to know what kind of shit that guy reads”.

Hmmm… Okay.  I’m not sure it’s all that interesting but here it is:

1. Total Number of Books I Own.  [groan]  The book shelf behind me is full.  The bookshelf to my left is full and overflowing.  The bookshelf were I used to work is full (they still haven’t sent these books to me).  There are boxes in the garage with books in them.  There are books in boxes in my van which I brought back from Richland a few days ago.  There is a stack of books on the nightstand next to our bed.  I have no idea.  Hundreds?  Maybe a thousand?

2. Last Book I Bought.  It’s been a while because I’m so far behind on my book reading.  I think it was a big pile at a used book store.  It included several books on explosives including a couple on detonation theory and practice (which are at my old office at PNNL), American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us Dresden : Tuesday, February 13, 1945 Germs: Biological Weapons and America’s Secret War, and probably some others which I forget at the moment.

3. Last Book I Read. The last couple books I completed were probably some on explosives detonation.  I’m currently in the middle of That’s Not What I Meant! (a book on how conversational style makes or breaks relationships),  Emotional Intelligence : Why It Can Matter More Than IQ and the germs book from above.

 4. 5 Books That Meant a Lot to Me.  How about seven?  In no particular order: Stranger in a Strange Land, Atlas Shrugged (this is my son’s favorite book), Atheism the Case Against God, Gun Control: Gateway to Tyranny Death by “Gun Control”, The Rape of Nanking, and Unintended Consequences.

 5. Tag 5 People.  Musings of the Commando KumquatSilens Refero Lamentari, Periodic Journal of my wanderings, and Mindless Bit Spew. Yeah, I’m wimping out with only four.


3 thoughts on “Tagged by the Book Meme

  1. Joe,

    Damn that was quick. What you read is about what I expected (Rand and explosives.) What I found surprising was a book on converational style. I’ve always found you to be succint and to the point, so I find no need for improvement.

    Additionally, I’m sorry I tagged you, as I don’t usually take part in this crap myself. But books are different I guess.



  2. You haven’t been reading my blog long enough or you wouldn’t have been surprised. See for example:


    There are communication problems I have with some people. I take things very literally and say things very literally. Other’s don’t. They will “read between the lines” when they shouldn’t and expect me to “read between the lines” when I don’t. This has caused me many problems in my life–probably including the recent loss of my job.

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