Anti-Gun section of Join Together Online shuts down

I’d been noticing for some time that Join Together seemed to be less and less on top of things compared to just a couple years ago.  About November or December I was thinking of doing a comparison of the number of new postings per day compared to previous months and years.  I never got around to it.  Then in May sometime I saw they were shutting down.  May was a very busy time for me and I never got around to posting about it.  I went to visit today for the first time in a long time and found this:


This site was last updated May 27, 2005. Although Join Together’s gun violence project has ended, we encourage those interested in the issue to visit the action center and national directory to locate national, state and local organizations working on this important issue. Former subscribers to Join Together’s email news service on gun violence prevention may be interested in similar services from the Freedom States Alliance.

In a way I’m going to miss them.  They were a good source of “barking moonbat” quotes and you could also get a feel for the next direction the anti-gun crowd was headed.  But on the other hand it’s “another one bites the dust”–which is a very good thing and I’m pleased. 

I’ve blogged about so called “The Freedom States Alliance” before.  Although it’s a little hard to tell my impression is there are only a couple people (perhaps just one) actively running it.  And it’s just not the same as JTO.  JTO was actually pretty professional about everything.  Their opinion pieces were a bit (okay–more than a bit) loopy, and they were very selective in their reporting of facts but I could basically respect them.  The so called “Freedom State Alliance” group of websites gives me the impression of someone several Fruit Loops short of a full bowl.  Someone right on the edge of howling at the moon.  Someone screaming right alongside that Dean guy.  [shrug]  Web sites are cheap and they don’t test for sanity, nor should they, when someone registers a domain.  And if the anti-freedom crowd wants to represented by lunatics then I sure don’t want to discourage them.  Go for it Gun Guys!